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Hand Massage Workshops

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Therapeutic Hand Massage

I work in care homes for the elderly, many of whom suffer from dementia, giving individual therapeutic hand massages. Within the community I run sessions for the elderly showing them how to give a hand massage to one another. I also run workshops teaching carers how to give hand massages. See Courses for Carers Talks and Workshops

A massage of the hands is a lovely gentle way of giving therapeutic and restorative touch.

The hand massage I give is a massage of the hands and forearms.

It may be given while the client is sitting or reclining. Hand cream is used to moisturize the skin. The hands and forearms are massaged using a variety of gentle strokes and some passive movements are incorporated. It is a gentle massage which not only feels wonderful but also has many therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of hand massage include:

Reducing stiffness in the hands and body

Increasing flexibilty

Improving the condition of the skin

Aiding relaxation

Stimulating the immune system

Stimulating the production of the 'feel good' hormones (oxytocin/serotonin)

Balancing the energies within the body

Providing positive touch

Providing sensory communication

Providing quality time for one to one interaction

Hand Massage Group Sessions for the over 60's

These sessions are for various social groups within the community. The sessions are practically based and involve the teaching of a hand massage which one person gives to another. By the end of the session everyone will have given and received a therapeutic and beneficial hand massage.

Complementary Massage Practitioner/Instructor in East Sussex

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Hand massage sessions run within the community provide fun, and therapeutic social time together.

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