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Workshops and Courses for Carers

"Helen ran a workshop about 'Touch' for our local PA (Personal Assistant) organisation. Helen's presentation was crammed full of great information including a demonstration of her massage of hands technique. We were swiftly moved onto the next section where we paired up within the group in order to put into practise our learning on how to give and receive a lovely hand massage.

If you want to understand more about the power and importance of touch or if you are in a caring profession/carer then I highly recommend getting in touch with Helen who will gently and gracefully guide you along the path."

T Hughes

"Thank you so much Helen. I had a wonderful day learning Therapeutic Touch and Hand Massage for the Elderly. The theory of human touch and its chemistry was educational, enlightening and powerful. I am a qualified massage therapist practising aromatherapy, reflexology and head massage and although I know about benefits of massage, the knowledge and research Helen has about this subject really set the day off to a profound start. I found the massage routine a joy and easy to learn and is wonderfully relaxing. I cannot wait to practice this with the elderly in the care homes I visit. They will love it!"
Karen Beard

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day spent with a lovely person. Thank you for being so welcoming and passing on your knowledge in this subject. I feel like I have a way forward now in my personal development and a more beneficial service to provide for the elderly, with the many health benefits that therapeutic touch can bring."
Susan Thomas

"Helen's training on therapeutic touch was GOOD the first bit was theoretical I rolled my eyes but what Helen shared with the theory really showed me how important positive touch is and really engaged me and I then was really able to pay attention to the practical which was calming, relaxing and boy did it make me feel Good I have been able to practice and share what I learnt & it is wonderful to feel the stress roll away from who I've practiced on I can't wait to do more.Thank You Helen I have found a wonderful way to offer comfort to people who need it but don't want a Hug."
Lindy at Eastbourne Charity Age Concern Eastbourne

"This was an amazing course that has changed how I will work with and touch my clients forever. Thank you". 
Carer of an autistic adult.

"Staff who have been on ths course have found it extremely useful for helping them better support the adults we work with". 
Operations Manager of Kingwood Trust

"A brilliant course taught with real passion. I can't wait to give my mother and the other residents a hand massage." 
Daughter of an Elderly Lady in Care

"Helen imparts her knowledge of massage with a compassionate and empathetic manner. We benefited from her good intention and positive focus. We all felt that her massage workshop was highly beneficial and I recommend her skilled approach wholeheartedly."
Counsellor from Together Wellbeing


Extract from a local newspaper:
Care provider uses therapeutic approach to enhance quality care

Leading care home provider, Morris Care, is introducing massage therapy for its team as part of its ongoing commitment to providing quality care for its residents across Shropshire and Cheshire.

Its team of ten social life co-ordinators have been trained by leading massage therapist and instructor, Helen Prosper, from East Sussex, who has over 25 years’ experience in therapeutic massage for the elderly.

The course focused on sensitive hand and forearm massage, to promote the importance and the need for touch in human physiology and how it can be implemented appropriately and sensitively in the healthcare sector to support recovery and reassure, amongst the elderly.

Morris Care will perform these massages to residents on a one-to-one basis as part of providing social activities that all residents can enjoy, where they can have some one-to-one quality time with their social life coordinators.

Alison Hearle, Group Social Life Co-ordinator said: "Ensuring staff are trained and up to date on the latest industry findings and innovations is vital, and this type of person-centred training benefits both residents and their social life co-ordinators.

"With touch being the first sense developed, it is clear to see how and why it has such an impact on our lives and the interactions we share with others. Therapeutic massage is well known for relieving tension in the body and can also improve and enhance the resident’s quality of life. It also provides a medium through which we can effectively communicate and connect with our residents at an emotional level."


Baby Massage Classes

What did you like best about the baby massage course?

"Really helped with bonding and I always left the course feeling relaxed and chilled out.
It was a great way to meet other mums too."

"Helen was so warm, gentle and accepting...
she created a space where I felt free to enjoy my baby with no judgment or expectation."

"I loved all the information Helen gave.
She was so informative and created a wonderful relaxing atmosphere that benefited me and my baby."

"I loved learning all the moves, socialising and having fun time with my baby."

"I so looked forward to our baby massage class each week.
Each week I learnt something new that would benefit my baby and I made new friends.
This was an excellent course and I would highly recommend it."

"Learning the massage routine and also understanding just why it is SO beneficial."

"I really enjoyed everything and I love that it has given me and my daughter special time together."

"Relaxing, informative, really useful as I feel confident about giving massages to my baby now and it was fun."

"I didn't feel judged or that I am a rubbish mum when my baby cried...
which she does a lot. I felt supported and that I am not alone."


How has massage effected your relationship with your baby?

"It has encouraged me to make more time to touch and be totally 'with' my baby."

"An even more positive relationship, bonding, well connected, time to learn more about each other."

"We now have a bonding session every day and it feels really special."

"I now do baby massage as part of our bedtime routine and it makes him happier and sleep better!"

"It has made us more connected and we communicate a lot more."

"It has helped with bonding and given us more fun things to do together."

"I get more smiles!"

"He now poos regularly and is far happier."

"Investing close time with my baby... It has shown me how important it is."

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