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Relax Kids Classes

Little Stars: For Carers And Children 3-5 Years

These classes give parents/carers a chance to both play and relax with their children. The sessions include:

Songs, going on magical adventures together, playing games, stretching and breathing exercises and sharing some lovely massage/positive touch.

Affirmations are used to raise self esteem and special stories used to aid relaxation.

Benefits include:

Magical bonding moments through shared play, soothing touch and simply relaxing together.

A toolbox of relaxation techniques which can be used at home.

Relax Kids Classes: Children Aged 5-10 Years

During these classes children will enjoy going on a magical adventure which involves playing games, movement, stretching and breathing exercises, peer/self massage, affirmations and visualisations.

The classes help develop childrens imagination, creativity and self esteem whilst giving them the tools to manage anxieties and worries.

Benefits include:

Improved self esteem and confidence

Better concentration and listening skills

Greater imagination

Being able to relax and self soothe

Being better able to manage stress and anxieties

Increase happiness

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Services offered include:

Individual sessions
Nutritional information aimed at promoting health and wellbeing

Care provider
uses therapeutic
approach to enhance
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