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Massage for Carers

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The Power and Importance of Touch with Basic Massage Techniques.

A course for Carers and Nurses

Through extensive research, the amazing benefits of positive touch and massage are now beginning to be fully understood. Massage is well known for relieving tension in the body, but therapeutic massage can deliver multi-faceted benefits which improve and enhance clients’ quality of life.
Soothing therapeutic touch/massage provides the perfect medium through which carers can consciously and effectively connect with, communicate with, and care for their clients. This complementary skill is becoming more and more popular among carers and nurses so I’m thrilled to be able to offer a dedicated, accredited one-day therapeutic massage course in East Sussex.
The Therapeutic Massage for Carers and Nurses course is ideal for:

  • Carers/nurses for the elderly: caring for another person is an extremely fulfilling experience. Our one-day course teaches you how to enhance your role by employing nurturing care that promotes health and happiness;
  • Carers/nurses for clients with dementia: caring for people who are suffering dementia can present unique challenges on a daily basis. Massage techniques for dementia equip you with a patient-centred, soothing skill which can make your job more effective and rewarding.
  • Carers/nurses for clients with special needs: clients who are living with physical or mental special needs can benefit significantly from the holistic approach of therapeutic massage.

 The course is fully accredited and is perfect for anyone wishing to understand more about both the theory and practice of touch. 

This one-day therapeutic massage course in East Sussex deals with:

  • The importance and significance of touch;
  • How and why touch affects our bodies, and promotes a sense of wellbeing;
  • How to give a gentle soothing hand massage;
  • Comfort touch for the very ill;
  • Massage mediums;
  • Possible contra-indications;
  • Discussing the unique needs of clientele and how touch/massage can be adapted accordingly;
  • How carers can incorporate 'therapeutic' touch within their role; and
  • Touch given with the 'right' intention, be it to babies, children, adults or the elderly, offers support, comfort and helps promote healing.


I also run workshops for those who simply wish to provide friends and loved ones with some form of comfort touch, and give talks to various social groups and clubs, such as the WI, about touch, its importance and its benefits.


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