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Massage Course for Teenagers

Chill and Achieve Skills for Teens

This course is designed to teach teenagers about using relaxation techniques, massage, positive thought, affirmations and visualisation to help them achieve their goals.

The course includes:

A peer to peer fully clothed upper back and head massage

Self massage/relaxation techniques to help alleviate stress and tension headaches

Stress busting- identifying causes, symptons and ways of both avoiding and handling stress

Breathing exercises

Looking at the power of using positive thoughts, affirmations, and visualisation to achieve

Benefits May Include:

An increase in self belief and self empowerment as new, therapeutic and valuable skills are mastered Relaxation techniques which improve emotional health An improved ability to recognise and handle stress Improved emotional health - being able to identify and take care of ones own and others needs Giving and Receiving touch in a safe, respectful and positive way A reduction in aggressive behaviour and bullying. A time for calmness and personal growth.

'I never knew I could give or do something for anyone else, it's great'. Said by a 14 year old girl after learning a short massage routine as part of an inclusion programme. She then went on to set up a school 'chill zone' giving massages to others.

'I'm now much calmer when I do tests and exams'. Said by a 15 yr old Regular relaxation and self esteem sessions have been shown to raise achievement and improve exam results

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