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Baby Massage Classes

Baby Massage Classes in East Sussex

"Feeding babies with touch, giving to their skin and their back, is just as important as filling their stomachs"
- Dr Frederick Leboyer

Touch is a baby's most developed sense at birth and there is a growing body of research to show that massaging a baby provides numerous benefits for baby and carer.

It is particularly helpful for colic, constipation and sleep problems as well as being a deeply rewarding activity.

The baby massage course is suitable for all babies from 6 weeks to aprox. 6 month (ie. pre-crawlers) and is taught over 5 weekly one and a half hour sessions.

Only parents/carers massage their baby.

I am happy to teach people individually or in small groups. Classes can be arranged for NCT or other groups of parents who would like to attend a course together.

The course covers:

The benefits of massage for both baby and carer

Which oils to use

A massage sequence for the whole body using Swedish, Indian and reflexology techniques

A special colic relieving routine

Touch relaxation techniques

How to adapt massage for the growing child

Some baby yoga exercises

An Indian Lullaby

During the course there is time for more informal discussions on topics such as sleep, weaning, teething.

I am happy to include play and development for 0-5 year olds if it is wished for.

Above all it provides a time for mutual relaxation, communication and pleasure.

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